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Grout Sensation will clean tile and grout in less than 30 seconds back to original color and condition WITHOUT HARMING GROUT.

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    Restores grout to its original color without heavy chemical odor


    Renew your grout in seconds


    This product will not leave residue or sand particles

The Grout Sensation Story

The owners of USA Chemical Corp. were determined to make a tile & grout cleaner that was powerful enough to clean grout amazingly fast, BUT did not harm the grout while cleaning.

They knew it would be a major feat to accomplish this goal. After years of trial and error the Grout Sensation formula was perfected.

Hotels and Businesses

Major hotels and businesses were the first targets for Grout Sensation. Hotel chains in particular have inspections for every part of their hotels including tile floor inspections.

Hilton Hotel was one of the first major hotel chains to make Grout Sensation a preferred vendor product for their hotels. That was over 10 years ago.

Since then Grout Sensation has been used by every major hotel chain in the USA!

From Our Customers

Domo C.

Works Very Well!

This product worked very well on dirty black grout. My wife and I just purchased a home in which the basement had white tiles and the blackest, dirtiest grout we had ever seen. After the grout dried, we couldn't believe the difference! The grout is now light gray and looks like new!

Sandra L. Kennedy

Best grout cleaner ever!

Easy to use, grout looks like new. Worth the price. No others even compare.


Stands up to their promises!

This product has worked much more easily than others I have tried! With this cleaner you can not tell where the blueberries spilled. The product lives up to its claims. I highly recommend it!

Chelsea Boatright


This stuff is absolutely incredible. Works so easy!

Lynn Rodgers

It Works!

This stuff foams when it comes in contact with dirt or bacteria. Scrub with a brush. Rinse with water. In fact, it does not foam on a clean area. Easy to know if you missed anything on large surfaces like tile floors.


Wish I would have found this sooner

This product was amazing! Just add to cart, you won’t regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the product contain bleach?


Is the product safe on epoxy grout?

Will only work on sanded grout.

Is this product safe for animals?

Like most cleaning products, once it s neutralized with water, yes.

Do I need protective clothing when using?

We recommend eye wear protection.

Is there anything we should keep this product from splashing on?

Yes do not let it splash on any metal or stainless steel.

Does this product have an odor?

No only odors that are coming out of the grout.