I been in the chemical business around 40 years starting out with Revlon Corporation back in the late 70s. I took a position with the color division it's been about 14 years with Revlon. I moved on with a new company as vice president for an international chemical company that shipped products all over the world. I spent about 15 years with that company and then decided to start my own company so back in 2006 I started a company called USA chemical Corporation My daughters started coming to me asking me if I could come up with products that they seem not to be able to find that actually work. The very first product they had asked me for was a grout cleaner.

They told me they had bought every conceivable product on the market for cleaning their grout and nothing worked. I told them I would look into it and to see what I could come up with. Over the course of the next two years I created many different grout cleaners and they all seem to have worked just like the ones being sold at the stores. I then called in another chemist To see if they could help me create a product that actually did work. After several months I was told that by using two special ingredients that were very expensive I could actually get the results that I was looking for. They actually said most companies will not put this in their product because of the cost and the bottom line profit and that's why I was having no luck in producing the results that I was looking for. We made some test samples and I gave them to my three daughters to try in their own homes which are pretty much all tile. All three of them came back to me and said what is this. I said it's a grout cleaner that you asked for all three replied do you realize how fast and effective this stuff is.

I know from past experience the hotel industry has a major problem with cleaning their grout lines so I sent some samples out to different hotels to see what their reaction was. Well within a week my phone was ringing off the wall with hotels telling me this is one of the best products we have ever used it works fast and are grout lines never looked so good. The Hilton hotel chain was the first to start using it throughout the United States. Than other hotels like Marriott was told by managers of Hiltons that if they wanted to solve their problem they should start using grout sensation. Then I was asked by the hotels do you have anything for our showers. After about three months we developed grout sensation shower and wall. After several years I was asked why don't you sell this on the retail market. We approached the ace hardware chain they were also skeptical because of products they sold in the past that claim to have worked. Within months we were in hundreds of Ace Hardware stores from Florida to California. We are continuing to produce more products for the retail market to replace some of the products that the retail consumer are tired of buying not working and throwing their money away.