Frequently Asked Questions - Grout Sensation
Will Grout Sensation change the color of my grout?

Not at all. Grout Sensation will restore your grout back to its original color in less than 20 seconds.

Can I use Grout Sensation on Granite, Marble, or Stainless Steel?

Please refrain from the use of this product on any form of granite, marble,or stainless steel surface. If accidentally applied, immediately neutralize area with water.

How much work is involved to restore my grout to its original color?

Very little if any! You will be amazed when you see that Grout Sensation does most of the work for you. Its chemical action penetrates the grout all the way to the base and lifts all the dirt, mold and bacteria to the surface. You may have to use a brush to lightly scrub away tough stains. Then simply mop your floor with clean water and your grout will look like the day it was installed. Beautiful and clean.

What if my children or pets are in the same room I am cleaning, Is it harmful?

Please keep small children and pets away from Grout Sensation. As with many cleaning chemicals, we ask that you use caution. However Grout Sensation has very little odor and will act much like water if applied to skin. Always wash hands with soap and water thoroughly after use. Do not ingest. Do not allow product to get into eyes. For any medical emergencies contact our 24 hour 1-866 number listed on the back of the label. 

How do I apply Grout Sensation to my floor? 
It's as easy as 123. You may use the screw on applicator (supplied with bottle) or a pump sprayer to apply directly to the grout lines. Allow the product to penetrate (approx. 30 sec), wait until the bubbling action has completed, then agitate with a grout brush, now mop the floor with fresh water. It's that simple!   

Should I use Grout Sensation full-strength? 
For initial application and heavily soiled areas we recommend full strength use of the product. Each additional application may be diluted up to a 4:1 ratio. (4 parts water/ 1 part GS) In addition, grout can stay fresh, clean, and new looking by adding 2 cups of Grout Sensation to mop water and mopping every 2 weeks. This puts the detergents in Grout Sensation back into the grout after the first deep cleaning, and you may never have to brush your grout again!!

Will Grout Sensation remove the top layer of grout like all the other grout cleaners? 
Grout Sensation will not harm or remove the grout in any way.

Will I be able to seal my grout after its cleaned?
Yes.  We recommend that you please allow 24 hours for the grout to completely dry before application of the sealant. However we strongly recommend not sealing your grout, because moisture comes up from underneath. Darkness and moisture creates mold and mildew. By applying a seal, its like putting a piece of plexiglass over your grout lines. 99% of all grout cleaners can not penetrate seals. Grout Sensation will go thru most of the seals on the market but not all them.

If I had my grout colored will Grout Sensation affect it? 
No. Grout Sensation is safe on all colored grout. 

How often should my grout be cleaned? 
As often as you feel it is necessary, but don't forget... mopping with 2 cups of Grout Sensation in mop water every 2 weeks will keep your grout looking like new, so you rarely, if ever, have to clean your grout with a brush again!!

Is the MSDS available?

Yes. All MSDS are available for viewing or downloading click here.

If you have additional questions regarding Grout Sensation or any of our other products please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone.

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